Employers Can be Liable for Racist Language Even If Unintentional

If an employer uses language in the workplace that evokes racial stereotypes, does that automatically constitute harassment and a hostile work environment, even if no discrimination is intended? This is at the heart of a lawsuit currently before a federal court in Reno, Nevada. Racial Discrimination or “Lack of Sensitivity”? The case was brought by […]

Employers Can be Liable for Harassment, Discrimination from Non-Employees

Most employers understand that they have a responsibility to protect workers against harassment and discrimination from other employees. What many may not realize is that this also extends to harassing or discriminatory behavior from non-employees such as customers, clients, vendors, tradespeople, and patients. If an employer fails to do this, it can be held liable […]

Religion in the Workplace: A Complex Issue for Employers

As the American workforce diversifies, addressing religion in the workplace is becoming a more common issue confronting employers. Whether it’s dealing with harassment, preventing discrimination, or making accommodations, this is an increasingly complex area of employment law for companies – and can create litigation liability. ExpressJet Airlines, for example, was sued in a Michigan court […]