Wait-and-See: Tax Planning in the Time of Trump

Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, the only real constant seems to be that nothing, other than 3 a.m. tweetstorms, can be predicted. From immigration to foreign policy to health care, it’s all been in flux. Because of this, everyone from Germany’s Angela Merkel to Pope Francis is preferring a wait-and-see approach to […]

Estate Planning Post-Obergefell: Advice for All Michigan Couples

There’s no doubt that the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all U.S. states and territories was a huge step forward for equality. Thanks to Obergefell, all married couples in the United States now have the same rights and protections under the law, regardless of gender. This has had broad implications […]

IRS Gives Formal Recognition to Same-Sex Marriages

In the wake of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has now formally recognized same-sex marriages that are legally performed in all American states, territories, and possessions. The guidelines, issued September 1st, also redefine the meaning of “spouse” in the eyes of the IRS for federal tax purposes. Going […]

Unique Will Provisions Everyone Should Consider

When it comes to wills, people can get rather creative – and sometimes vindictive – with their provisions. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry famously asked for his ashes to be sent into space. Shakespeare, perhaps confirming what was thought to be an unhappy marriage, left his wife their “second best bed.” A very lonely Portuguese […]