Family Law

Traditional and non-traditional families alike encounter a breadth of legal needs over the course of their relationships – and when they dissolve. The attorneys at Shelton & Deon are here to help at every stage of your family’s lifecycle, providing legal advice as well as empathy and understanding when times are difficult.

Our experience in family law matters includes:

  • Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements
  • Amicable and contested divorce
  • Legal separation, and same-sex partnership dissolutions
  • Division of marital property
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Adoptions
  • Child custody, parenting time, and visitation
  • Relocation
  • Child support
  • Protection and termination of parental rights
  • LGBT family considerations

Spouses and partners often own businesses jointly, and a divorce can impact the value of those marital assets. In other situations, rights to a spouse’s employment benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits, executive compensation, and stock options are at risk. We have the necessary experience to uncover, analyze, and protect these interests when relationships break down.

In many divorce and dissolution situations, avoiding the courtroom is the best way to preserve some semblance of the relationship – especially for the sake of any children involved. We pursue mediation, counseling, facilitation, and dispute resolution methods whenever possible.

As families come together and grow, as well as when they grow apart, we can help you navigate whatever legal issues you face.