Shelton & Deon Law Group, Attorneys in Southeast Michigan, MediationWhat is Mediation?

Mediation is a cooperative process in which a neutral third party facilitates a voluntary negotiation process between the parties. The mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement. The mediator does not decide the dispute on the merits, but instead, seeks an agreeable resolution to the dispute.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is particularly valuable when your dispute involves another person with whom you may need to remain on good terms. This may include family members, co-workers, business partners, your landlord, neighbors, or others with whom you have a continuing personal or business relationship. Lawsuits can polarize and ultimately ruin relationships. Mediation allows you to resolve the dispute without destroying the relationship. In addition, what the parties say in mediation (with limited expectations) remains confidential and cannot be used in other proceedings. Mediation is also cost-effective as it is usually much less expensive than litigation.

Mediation and the LGBT Community

Mediation is an extremely important tool for the LGBT community. Same-sex partners faced with disputes regarding breakups and parenting issues should strongly consider mediation rather than litigation. Same-sex partners are not recognized as legally married in the state of Michigan. As a result, LGBT families are left without the legal protections and obligations of married partners. This leaves LGBT families, including children, at risk of losing access to needed financial resources and parenting relationships. Disputes involving same-sex partners that are litigated in court often conclude with inequitable results that damage not only the immediate family involved in the lawsuit, but the larger LGBT Community by making bad case law that can be followed by other courts in deciding cases involving same-sex partners. Amanda Shelton and Mary Deon are compassionate and certified domestic relations mediators.

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