Employers Can be Liable for Racist Language Even If Unintentional

If an employer uses language in the workplace that evokes racial stereotypes, does that automatically constitute harassment and a hostile work environment, even if no discrimination is intended? This is at the heart of a lawsuit currently before a federal court in Reno, Nevada. Racial Discrimination or “Lack of Sensitivity”? The case was brought by […]

Overtime Rule Uncertainty: How Michigan Employers Can Cope

For months, Michigan employers have been preparing for sweeping changes announced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) earlier this year regarding how overtime pay is calculated for exempt workers. They were likely all set for the rules to take effect December 1 when a Texas federal judge issued an injunction blocking them from coming […]

Employers Can be Liable for Harassment, Discrimination from Non-Employees

Most employers understand that they have a responsibility to protect workers against harassment and discrimination from other employees. What many may not realize is that this also extends to harassing or discriminatory behavior from non-employees such as customers, clients, vendors, tradespeople, and patients. If an employer fails to do this, it can be held liable […]